The company was founded by the Chen family and began layer operations. This would later become Bounty Farms, Inc.


We started a small 600-sow commercial pig farm, Holly Farms, Inc.

Early '90s

We started our first broiler breeder house in the same Sta. Maria, Bulacan farm. This would become Bounty Fresh Food, Inc.

Mid '90s

Was when we spent a lot of time getting the right people in place and perfecting the lessons needed in the industry.

Late '90s

We started expanding our production base outside Luzon and started Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc to expand to Visayas and Mindanao.


Bounty is a large-scale industrial agriculture corporation founded by the Cheng family in 1986. It started as Bounty Farms inc, a producer of table eggs that became the standard for quality and freshness with its “golden yolk” a unique color of yolk achieved through the hen’s good nutrition, and excellent living conditions. In 1993, Bounty Fresh Food Inc. was created to compete in the broiler integration segment and is now the second-largest poultry integrator in the Philippines. 

It is the only fully-integrated poultry company in the country that continuously invests in company-owned facilities – grandparent farms, parent stock farms, hatcheries, dressing plants, feed mills, and cool-cell broiler complexes in the Philippines – that have fully-mechanized technology, tunnel ventilation, and insulated houses. 

Bounty’s dressing plants use the latest technologies to ensure that their dressed chickens and other value-added products are all safe and of high quality. They utilize fresh-air handling to filter the migration of bacteria thus ensuring their workers’ safety as well. Bounty is also the first in the Philippines to operate a complete line of deboning for chicken thigh and breast. 

Bounty’s poultry integration served as a platform to expand its operation in other industries like hogs, manufacturing of other agricultural products such as commercial feeds and vitamins, and food takeaway stores. 

As a fully-integrated poultry producer and food retailer, Bounty captures margins across various stages of the value chain. It imports and trades its grains via the Subic Grain Terminal from Panamax vessels in Leyte, then processes the grains in world-class facilities. The said integration led to investments in several feed mills with state-of-the-art designs, automation, and silos with huge capacities for both wheat and soybean. 

The expansion continued through the rollout of over 1,800 takeout stores nationwide under the country’s leading takeaway brands Chooks to Go and Uling Roasters, and business ventures in other countries like Indonesia and New Zealand.

Bounty PH - Core Values
Bounty PH - Core Values


Passion for continuous growth and innovation

Team objective above self




Bounty PH - Leadership Brand


We inspire our people

We recognize and reward people

We listen and instruct clearly

We mentor and coach people

We initiate change

We empower our people to make prompt and fair decisions

Bounty PH - Leadership Brand

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Tree Planting Initiatives

Animal Waste Management

Wastewater Management